Windows 10 Upgrade Updates

Attention Windows users! Summer is around the corner, and that means you have just over two months before Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade offer ends on July 29th.

As this date quickly approaches, we thought it was worth taking a moment to remind our readers of the pros and cons of upgrading to Windows 10 and upcoming updates you should be aware of.

Microsoft is continuously improving Windows with regular updates based on user feedback. There is also a big Windows 10 update coming at the end of the summer. What should you expect from the upcoming Windows 10 AnniversaryUpdate? Windows Ink will allow you to draw, jot down notes, and create charts and turn it into the real thing right before your eyes, whether your device is locked or not. Voice activation will help save you time, and increased security measures will allow you to shed cumbersome passwords.

Still wondering whether you should update? When you should update? And the best way to update? As we’ve mentioned, discuss these questions with your MSP or IT service provider before taking action to ensure you don’t lose time or resources!