Why Your Technology Investments Don’t Deliver

Technology comes with many promises.  It can and will deliver great results for your organization. Productivity can improve, documents are shared more easily, data is centralized, and your tech strategy can differentiate you in the marketplace.

All this comes to a screeching halt if you don’t look out for some of these landmines in technology adoption:

  • No buy-in from the top. A divisional manager spends wasted hours on planning, workflows, quotes, and some pilot licenses of a new software solution only to have the rug pulled out from underneath them when the CEO pulls the plug.
  • No internal champion. Every project initiative needs a clear point person that will drive to the finish line. Shared responsibility often leads to stalled to doomed projects.
  • Technology exceeds competency. It’s important to know where on the technology user scale your team is (in fact, we sometimes work to determine a “score” of a company or team of 1-100). If you’re looking to implement more technology and change than your team can comprehend, you’ll have frustrated users and solutions that are only getting used to 10-20% of their capacity.
  • Lack of understanding how your team actually works. Sometimes we are solving problems that don’t exist. Do you have clarity on how your team actually shares files, collaborate on projects, gets stuck, or real frustrations? People rarely adopt a more difficult path to do the same task.
  • Too many things on the field. Most companies are trying to do too many things at any given time and then wonder why nothing is getting done. Dropping a technology project (New CRM initiative, ERP system, mobile app) into the whirlwind of all the other competing priorities can be a recipe for disaster. You can only have so many initiatives on the playing field at any given time, don’t add more until you spike the ball in the end zone on a few.

Everybody loses when technology stalls or simply gets wasted. Avoid these landmines to achieve greater results!