What’s in a name? The benefits of working with an MSP


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Trying to understand the world of information technology (IT) can be like trying to learn a new language. Our mission at KINETIC IT (KITS) is to demystify the world of IT and break down all of its many terms and players for you. First thing’s first: What is an MSP? What exactly do we do at KITS? Below, we break down what an MSP is and the top three reasons you should consider partnering with one for your organization.

What is an MSP?

MSP stands for Managed Service Provider. But what does that mean? MSP’s typically deliver IT support and services to organizations. Those services can range from simply monitoring your internet, phone, and email functionality; to protecting your work through regular storage back-ups; to acting as the complete IT department of an organization; to taking on the role of CIO and advising you on how to leverage technology.

MSP’s are different from software providers (like Microsoft, Oracle or SAP) and hardware providers (like Dell, HP, or IBM). MSP’s bring a thorough understanding of software and hardware products however, they also have the ability to identify the best solution for your organization across products, offer subsequent implementation, and provide ongoing support. Long story short, MSP’s serve as an ongoing partner to bridge the gap between your organization’s specific organization goals and hundreds of potential solutions to identify the perfect fit.

Below are the top three reasons partnering with MSP’s can serve as a competitive advantage for your organization:

  1. Access depth and breadth of industry knowledge to ensure the perfect fit. Every time.

An MSP ensures the best solution is selected for your organization versus providers, which typically only offer their one product or service. As an example, at KITS, we support both VMWare and Hyper-V, so we are experts on both and can support either platform. We will recommend one or the other depending on the needs of your specific organization. For instance, Hyper-V can be very effective and inexpensive for non-profits whereas VMWare has more functionality required for medium sized organizations but costs more than Hyper-V.

  1. Cover organizational IT gaps, both large and small.

MSP’s can engage with your organization at every level, small to large. As an example, small-to-midsized organizations typically do not have expertise in all areas of technology. For these firms, MSP’s can fill the gap by providing comprehensive services and support to ensure that all their needs are met. On the flip side, larger organizations typically have the overarching expertise necessary but may need pinpointed services or targeted assistance in a specific product. MSP’s can be equally supportive in this area, because in addition to their breadth of knowledge, they also bring specific product knowledge to the table.

  1. Keep your organization ahead of the curve.

Technology plays a greater role in today’s organization environment than ever before. As such, it can be a not-so-secret weapon to get your organization one step ahead of the competition (via added security, speed, better fit for organization needs) or it can hold you back. A key to leveraging technology is keeping up with the quickly changing environment, which can be a full-time job in itself. MSP’s can take on the role of CIO, doing this work so you don’t have to especially since a CIO’s salary and benefits may not be in the budget. A good MSP will keep you informed of technology changes, updates, and trends. By keeping clients informed, they can also continually identify and evaluate how up-and-coming technology might enhance their organization by providing mobility, security, and/or efficiency.

Lastly, the best MSP’s will go the extra mile to fit your organization’s needs by finding the best solution for you versus trying to fit your challenge into a box of existing solutions or services. By combining the three sources of value above with passion and willingness to go this extra mile, an MSP will serve as an invaluable partner who will help you take your organization to the next level.