Shooting Technology Bullets Without A Target

Often organizations are seeking the silver bullet with technology (or a new hire) that will take them to the next level in performance. While your technology and organization are critical, they should never come before having clarity on your business strategy and vision.

Ask yourself these 7 questions about your strategic vision in your organization:

  1. Can I clearly communicate the target and goals of where we plan to be in 18 months? (By December 31st, 2015, we will….”)
  2. Is the vision measurable in tangible ways that we will know if we accomplished it when we get there? (Or, is it nebulous and philosophical? “We are going to be the leaders in our market by 2016.”)
  3. If we were to ask your key leaders what the strategic vision is, would they be able to communicate it and would they be aligned? (“I’m not sure, we’re just trying to be profitable and I just worry about my area…”)
  4. Do you clearly have your primary customer identified? (Or, “we just sell to everyone… if we can make a buck we do it…”)
  5. Have you identified your key performance drivers? (What really moves the needle in your organization? Do you really know? Do your employees know?)
  6. Do you have a regular rhythm in your teams that monitors and evaluates what’s getting done and that the right things are getting done? (Busy, non-strategic activities will always creep in)
  7. Are the teams and divisions within your company aligned to your common vision or are they operating in their own silos? (Department needs and resources trump company needs/goals)

Far too often we encounter leadership teams that can’t articulate a common vision yet are making critical decisions every day moving the organization “somewhere.” Sadly, it’s the norm. While we love to offer great technology solutions to our clients, we first want to help them know they are the right solutions aligned to a great strategic vision.