Secure Remote Access for Telecommuters

School days, school days! They are back again, and with children’s schedules going every which way, more employees work remotely in order to balance their professional aspirations and commitments with their family responsibilities. One survey of business leaders has found that 34% expect more than half their company’s full-time workforce to work remotely at least part of the time by 2020.

This ever increasing proportion of remote workers raises key questions and new challenges for your organization’s IT department. How do we ensure smooth, reliable access to corporate files and data in a secure way? We love this diagram by Microsoft, because it captures the three biggest problems associated with remote data access:



Today, we thought it worthwhile to take a few minutes and share with you our take on the best solutions for secure remote access:

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
A VPN enables your organization to cost-effectively and securely leverage the Internet to remotely connect offices and mobile employees to the central company network. VPNs do have some drawbacks – they are not particularly easy for a business to deploy, and the reliability of Internet-based VPNs is not directly under the business’s control. BUT, they do enable mobile employees, telecommuters, and business partners to take advantage of locally accessible high-speed broadband access. Additionally, VPNs provide reduced operational costs compared to any other option as well as a high level of security using advanced encryption and authentication protocols to safeguard data.

Cloud Applications
Cloud computing – also referred to as a cloud hosted desktop – helps organizations support remote employees by providing them with a secure way to access corporate data. Many organizations are turning to cloud solutions like Hosted Virtual Desktops, so remote employees can access their files and applications anytime, from anywhere, using any device. Cloud solutions also enable organizations to monitor and report employee activity full-time.

If you find yourself asking the question, “How do we support an increasing number of remote workers?” then we suggest speaking to an expert to implement the solution most appropriate for your enterprise’s needs!