PRESS RELEASE:    We are Joining Forces with MicroIntegration

Clients & Friends,

I am excited to announce that KINETIC IT is combining our team and talent with MicroIntegration. As the South Bend Regional Chamber Small Business of the Year (2017), we are excited to be formally joining another award-winning firm. KINETIC IT and MicroIntegration have partnered to offer services over the past several years and have created a relationship built on trust and a common culture. This common culture ensures that the dedication to our clients will only grow with the larger team. Now, we are a collectively stronger company with the best collection of industry talent and expertise in our region.

Joining forces with MicroIntegration has exceeded my hopes and together we will continue the tradition of excellence KINETIC IT has established – one of world-class service, deep expertise, and a dedication to our community. Their core purpose is to help clients leverage technology to make their business more successful, while also engaging employees with challenges that fuel their passion for service and innovation. This echoes the values at KINETIC IT giving our team and clients a culture and service that will be very familiar with additional opportunities.

Additionally, MicroIntegration is part of a larger enterprise with two other successful brands: Aunalytics and Data Realty. Aunalytics is a data science software and analytics service provider and Data Realty is one of the premier data centers in the Midwest. Together, we will provide customers with not only the best-in-class Cloud and Managed IT Services, but these services can be coupled with intelligent and actionable insights, helping decision makers use data to improve business performance.

There are several benefits to our clients from joining the MicroIntegration team.

  • You have a broader range of products to choose from, including the best-in-breed solutions for primary and disaster recovery services.
  • We now have more depth in skill sets, which provides redundancy, encourages collaboration and facilitates the growth of corporate knowledge.
  • More resources in general are at your disposal, including a larger service desk to support your immediate needs ensuring your business is not hindered by technological issues.
  • For years KINETIC IT and MicroIntegration have been competing for talent; by joining forces I believe we are unmatched in our ability to attract and retain the best possible technical talent.

On a very personal level, I cannot express how grateful I am for your support of KINETIC IT over the years. I love what we have all built together and am excited to watch our team and clients grow with the MicroIntegration team. We know our future as MicroIntegration is very bright, and we look forward to continuing to be your partner.


Jim Peterson

Principal Consultant

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

As we have further news to share we will be in touch. In the mean time you can expect business as usual and the same excellent service you’ve received in the past.

Jim Peterson
Principal Consultant