Long Term Digital Preservation

As the amount of data saved by organizations increases on a daily basis, we are seeing more and more companies utilizing cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Office 365, Google Box and Dropbox. This is an affordable and effective short-term solution, particularly for small businesses, but approximately 98% of organizations also need to keep digital records over the long-term for compliance, legal, and corporate memory purposes.

This poses a challenge. With technology evolving at such a rapid rate these days, software and hardware obsolescence is a constant challenge. In the context of data storage, any content older than 10 years is at risk of becoming unreadable as hardware, operating systems, programs and file formats continue to rapidly develop and deliver more complex user experiences. It’s quite a complex issue, and one that isn’t always considered nor understood.

This is where digital archiving comes in. Archiving helps organizations deal with preservation challenges, such as file format obsolescence, regulatory compliance, and easy record retrieval. It provides organizations with five critical advantages:

    1. Ensures regulatory compliance for data retention, data immutability and audit trails;
    2. Improves performance of current business applications, thus increasing operational productivity;
    3. Makes archived information widely available and easy to retrieve by authorized users;
    4. Removes the burden and complexity of maintaining obsolete systems solely for their data; and
    5. Reduces costs and time for back-up, upgrades and database tuning.

While archiving provides many invaluable benefits, it also requires a lot of thought and organization to ensure it’s easy to access what you need when you need it decades down the road. We at KINETIC are big proponents of including an archive strategy in any organization’s information management road map. If you haven’t given thought to this type of storage or the associated planning to do it effectively, we recommend consulting with an MSP stat!