Kinetic IT Solutions Expanding Services to Software and Database Development

SOUTH BEND, INDIANA, February 23, 2015 – Kinetic IT Solutions, a local leader in information technology, is widening the scope of its services to include Microsoft SharePoint and Dynamics development, open-source software development, and database management. The expanded menu of solutions is to be offered via Kinetic Development, an organic extension of the Kinetic organization overseen by the same community-focused, innovative IT professionals that have helped turn Kinetic into one of South Bend’s fastest-growing IT companies.

“We found that our IT Service clients had expanded needs that were just not met in the South Bend area. By launching our development services we can execute on their needs quickly and efficiently to help provide effective information,” says CEO Jim Peterson. “Being able to support and create solutions for all level of companies at a very cost effective price point will be the one thing that sets Kinetic Development apart from other regional development shops.”

These new services ensure Kinetic can continue to deliver cutting-edge support to a broad range of South Bend businesses and organizations, whether they require small access database management or massive data warehouse solutions.

About Kinetic

Founded in 2009 by Jim Peterson and Jack Hofferth and based in South Bend, Indiana, Kinetic IT Solutions is a locally owned and operated business that services businesses with staff sizes from two to 250. Kinetic IT Solutions is powered by an elite team of highly-trained and certified consultants, engineers, and technicians who are passionate about technology and serving the local business community. The company is committed to serving small businesses with a 100% guarantee on all solutions and a service-over-contract approach to exceeding client expectations, and working toward the attraction and retention of skilled developers in the Michiana area.

Kinetic IT Solutions delivers an ever-expanding roster of services to small businesses in the Michiana area and assists those businesses in becoming more adaptable, more efficient, and more competitive.