IT and Your Business Strategies: Taking an Integrated Approach

Your IT department can’t be fully effective if it is simply responding to fire drills and last-minute requests. In order to harness the full power of technology, we recommend considering a strategic approach that integrates IT with your core business strategies and priorities.

Here are a few ways that IT can enhance strategic decision-making:

    From developing new products to expanding existing ones, more and more companies rely on data to make decisions. IT can implement technology that will connect more data throughout the year and ensure that the data you work so hard to acquire is accessible to all who need it.
    More and more customers and employees expect to be instantly connected today. Technology can help your business improve your connection to both groups. Involving IT in the decisions around how you connect your people will help them introduce the right technology to meet your needs and goals without inadvertently introducing barriers along the way.
    Sales & Marketing
    IT is increasingly becoming a key component to sales and marketing strategy. As marketing and sales becomes more digitally focused with company websites, e-commerce and social media communications, making sure that you are using the most appropriate vendors is critical – IT can provide insight in this area. IT can also provide input on security measures and software that can make your digital efforts more successful.
    Your organization’s operations can benefit from automation in many different areas. This is where IT comes in to implement the right automation technology in the right places. IT can also implement the correct process-related technologies in order to smooth out workflow issues and improve productivity at every level.

With all these benefits in mind, consider including a representative from your MSP or your internal IT department in your next strategy meeting so that they are on the same page about organizational goals, as well as time frame and technology requirements to achieve those goals.

Including your IT team from the start will ensure you are fully leveraging technology in order to execute your strategy. It will also help you ensure that technology does not eat up time, create cost, and cause stress, but rather works in your favor to take your enterprise to the next level.