Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS): Outsourcing Equipment Ownership

The rate of technological advancement these days is faster than ever. For most businesses, the benefit of computing power is in the results it delivers versus the hardware itself. So the last thing small business owners and CIO’s want to worry about when trying to improve their organization is whether their physical infrastructure can keep pace with the demands of competition and innovation. This is where Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) comes in for the win!

What is IaaS?

IaaS is an instant computing infrastructure. With IaaS, an MSP owns, manages, and maintains the hardware so that the enterprise can enjoy the desired computing capabilities without taking on the cost and burden of equipment ownership.

Why consider IaaS?

    Cost Savings
    Perhaps the biggest motivation to adopt IaaS is lower infrastructure costs. Under this model, enterprises no longer have to bear the responsibility of ensuring uptime, maintaining hardware and network equipment, or replacing antiquated equipment. They also no longer need to worry about capacity constraints and can pay for only the capacity they need. This pay-as-you-go framework allows them to avoid fixed monthly or annual fees for services they don’t use.

    Support for Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity
    The other primary driver for adopting Iaas is business continuity and disaster recovery. While most enterprises have some type of plan in place for these critical IT strategy components, the technology behind those plans can be expensive and overwhelming for time-strapped small business owners. IaaS provides a consolidated disaster recovery infrastructure, thus improving manageability for CIOs and small business owners.

    Another major benefit of the IaaS pay-as-you-go model is that it provides enterprises the ability to scale up and down quickly in response to changing requirements. This scalability provides flexibility and agility, which in turn, enables enterprises to test operating environments and identify the most innovative and competitive provider

Implementing IaaS requires thought, testing, and careful analysis. However, IaaS is too compelling to ignore, from both a business and IT manager’s perspective. Intrigued? Contact us to take the first step toward savings and innovation today!