Google Chrome Extensions for Small Business

Most of us are familiar with the web browser, Google Chrome. Its multi-colored wheel-shaped logo is present on almost every computer these days. But fewer know about Google Chrome Extensions, which can be very useful for individuals and small businesses alike.

What is a Google Chrome Extension?

Google Chrome extensions are browser-based programs that do exactly what their name implies: extend and enhance the functionality of the Chrome browser. These small programs operate within Chrome and are bundled into single files for easy download and installation. Examples of these enhancements are: blocking ads from being displayed, adding to-do lists or notes, and managing passwords.

Some extensions work in the background and perform particular tasks automatically. Others create additional menu options when you right-click on a web page. These types of extensions will also add a small icon to the right of the address field in your Chrome browser to allow you to easily access their services.

How can it help small businesses?

As mentioned above, there is a broad range of extension categories, from productivity and organization, to security and communications. The opportunities are limitless! Most extensions are centered around saving you time, keeping you organized, increasing your efficiency, and enhancing collaborations, all of which provide an extremely high value for small businesses.

What are some of the best ones to leverage?

It is worth browsing the Chrome Extension Store to see which extensions can benefit your business the most. We recommend sticking to extensions that come from trustworthy resources and are well reviewed to ensure you don’t create security headaches for yourself. A few of our favorites for small business are:

    This extension was created with the goal of managing passwords in a small business and collaborative environment. The extension helps to manage shared logins and prevent lockouts in order to keep everyone on the team active with anytime access

    ConvergeHub Lead Generator
    This extension is a social lead generator that captures contacts from the major social media channels (i.e., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) and enables you to easily add them into your lead database. It makes prospecting much easier!

    SurfEasy VPN
    This extension enables you to safely use WiFi hotspots and prevent websites from tracking your behavior. It provides an additional level of online privacy by allowing you to surf the web without revealing your IP address.

    This extension automatically reviews every site you visit, helping you avoid any scams and stay safe while browsing the Internet. By bringing together a community of reviewers, it also is able to provide a list of personal endorsements for you to consider before making any commitments.

    This popular organizer has created an extension to make taking notes and clipping content from online research even easier. It allows you to highlight, share, and organize information from the web without blinking an eye.

We love this Top 10 list from Business News Daily – check it out to find out about additional extensions that can augment your business by helping you to execute your tasks more easily and more effectively.