Enterprise Software for Nonprofits

We work with many non-profit organizations that are seeking cloud-based computing solutions, CRM and project management tools, collaboration tools, and online workspaces for digital documentation. However, their first consideration when looking at such products is cost.

By nature, non-profits are always facing the question: how do we maximize donor contributions to ensure funds are going to the critical missions of the charity? The key to answering this question is expense reduction.

There are a number of enterprise software companies that are taking major strides to support the non-profit sector. However, many of our clients from that sector are not aware of these options. With that in mind, we thought we’d share a few great examples:

    Microsoft Office 365 Nonprofit
    Office 365 is revolutionizing the workplace in the private sector with hosted email, built-in privacy and malware protection, Office web apps, document sharing, web/voice conferencing, and 24/7 support. This solution now allows nonprofits to have the same suite of capabilities and secure environment of installed software along with the collaborative, anywhere, anytime availability of the cloud.

    Eligible nonprofits and charities can receive donated and discounted versions of this powerful enterprise software. Because nonprofits vary in staffing and technical needs, there is no “one-size-fits-all” plan. For this reason, Microsoft offers two fully donated plans and three deeply discounted plans.

    Many organizations are looking for a way to streamline passwords and access to the their online platforms. OneLogin is a key player in the access and identity space and has embraced cloud-based authentication; also offering significant discounts to nonprofits.

    As an example, organizations can use OneLogin to set up a central portal that provides direct access to all of the enterprise applications that are needed to run business and IT operations. Having access to web-based authentication methods can also provide a huge improvement in productivity.


    Atlassian’s community license program helps nonprofits use their team-based software free of charge. The company also donates 1% of all profits to help build a better world.

    Atlassian’s JIRA software empowers nonprofits’ team members to collaborate in real-time with partners, vendors, customers, and each other by checking on resources and having immediate oversight through dashboards, reports, and calendar viewing.

There are many other vendors that offer dedicated discounts and pricing structures for nonprofits. If not, they might still be willing to work with you on an individual basis, so we always recommend that nonprofits be sure to ask! Doing your research, fact-checking, and speaking with numerous vendors to get multiple price quotes – even following a structured RFP process when seeking out new solutions – will help give you leverage and yield the highest possible return on your IT investment.