Dark fiber: the what, the where, and the why

We often have clients coming to us looking to upgrade their bandwidth—the rate at which data moves. However, when we ask whether they’ve considered utilizing the St. Joe Valley Metronet’s dark fiber services, we typically see mixed levels of knowledge on the subject. Consequently, we thought we’d share a bit about the Metronet and how it can benefit your organization.

Metronet 101

The Metronet is a high-speed data network looping 50 miles through South Bend, Mishawaka, and Plymouth. It consists of dark fiber—unused optical fiber—that is buried underground and provides for state-of-the-art telecommunications connectivity. We are big proponents of it, because it provides end-users nearly unlimited bandwidth and extremely high operating speed.

While this kind of infrastructure is typically exclusive to one vendor, the Metronet is different because any number of vendors and can access it. This promotes competition in the space and protects end-users from being taken advantage of.

Why should you care?

Here are some of the many benefits the Metronet can provide for your organization:

The Metronet provides capacity and speed; nearly unlimited bandwidth, meaning no idle time; flexibility in the case that your organization moves facilities; security from natural disasters (the infrastructure is buried underground with municipal utilities) and 24×7 monitoring and repair if something does go wrong; flat-rate pricing, typically resulting in cost reductions for organizations; and national connectivity that will put your organization on a level playing field with those in larger metropolitan areas.

Many local organizations are already realizing these benefits. As an example, Rick Rice, President of Teachers Credit Union is quoted saying, “The Metronet is what connects all our information and keeps it moving smoothly and efficiently. While that is a significant benefit… another important advantage is the big savings in cost.”

Other companies relying on the Metronet include Peoplelink, the South Bend Tribune, and North American Signs. But, we find that the number of organizations hopping on board is increasing by the day.

Want to learn more? We love this video explaining the Metronet in plain English— check it out! Or, reach out to us with any questions!