Cyber Security Tools We Love for Small Businesses

In a world where hackers are getting smarter every day, no enterprise is 100% safe. Many cyber-attackers see small businesses as prime targets because they tend to have little if any protection in place. In fact, a recent Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found that 60% of cyber-attacks target small- to medium-size enterprises because they are easier targets.
With that in mind, we have found that developing a safety security strategy is an integral part of any enterprise’s technology roadmap. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we thought we’d take a moment to share some of the top security measures that we have come to know and love in our experience as an IT consultancy.
Anti-malware & Anti-virus
Malware and viruses are everywhere, and while it’s important to understand what to do if your device catches one and have a strategy in place to address it, we at KINETIC IT also like to take a step back and first address prevention. For that reason, the first thing we recommend to all our clients with questions about security is to deploy both an anti-malware and an anti-virus solution. Read up on picking the appropriate software for your enterprise here.
Computer Cleaner
Your devices will function better and you will be able to more actively monitor what is happening on them if you keep them clear of old, unused files. We are such believers in keeping your computer clean that we included it in our 7 IT resolutions for 2017!
Anti-spam Solution
Spam—no one can seem to avoid it these days. For that reason, we love and recommend anti-spam tools to our clients. Most email providers build these into their services, but you can also deploy third-party solutions that will block and mitigate the effects of junk emails (aka spam) to your employees for an added layer of protection.
Perhaps the most prevalent cyber security risk to small businesses today is ransomware, which takes control of the files on business networks by encrypting them and holding them for ransom. There are a number of ransomware products on the market that do a good job of protecting your operations from this threat. One interesting tool is WatchPoint’s CryptoStopper, which deploys bait files throughout a network so that when those files are encrypted, the infected user is isolated and the ransomware is stopped before it can do damage. This is a new and unique approach to stopping ransomware.
Multi-factor Authentication
A necessary tool to protect your data is multi-factor authentication (MFA), a system that requires users to present two or more forms of authentication in order to confirm their claimed identity. MFA is effective for a number of reasons, and there is a plethora of great tools out there to help you set up this layer of security.
Online Backup Solution
Online backup is key! With this solution in place, you can access and recover your data if you do experience a security breach. There are tools that allow you to see and block sensitive data from leaving, whether through email, removable data, web form, or data saved on local drives. More generally, we love software that provides customizable policies and real-time notifications to help you stay on top of things without having to check constantly (you’re busy enough as it is!).
Password Generator
Small business owners don’t always realize the crucial role strong passwords play in their IT security (or lack thereof), or they simply aren’t sure of how to address the issue of password variation. A Password Generator is simple and free, and you should ensure that it does not send the generated password over the internet where it can possibly be compromised.
People Power
Training your employees to be alert and make the right choices in a potential cyber crisis will pay off every time they choose not to click a suspicious link or respond to an email that doesn’t look right. If security training is something that concerns you, reach out to us—we are here to help.
When it comes down to it, our experts have found that there is really no silver bullet when it comes to security. However, combining several of these tools will provide a depth of defense to keep your enterprise more secure.