KINETIC IT is an Information Technology Managed Service Provider (MSP) based in South Bend, IN. We believe in our ability to positively impact our local business community with passion for providing exceptional customer support and our desire to deliver truly helpful technology.

We believe you want your “stuff” to work and to have quick response times. Your business is counting on strong productivity and technology should add fuel to your goals, not be a drag.

Technology can and should be a strategic advantage for you. This can happen when you have a clear vision and plan for your business. We can help with both- that’s what we love to do.

Our community matters. Better technology applied right can help our Michiana businesses and organizations be more competitive, hire more people, and positively impact our local economy. We love working with our not-for-profit community so they can have great technology too, not just our leftovers.

We’d love to meet with you and hear your story!

Want to learn more about how KINETIC IT can help you leverage technology to put your organization one step ahead of the competition? Complete this one question survey to help us help you!

Adam Ballge

Systems Engineer

How long have you been with Kinetic?
Since April 2014.

How long have you been in IT? I’ve been working in IT since 2001.

About Adam: In my spare time I enjoy nerdy stuff like video games, Sci-Fi shows and movies, and building computers. I also spend time riding my motorcycle, shooting firearms, and volunteering with my fiancée at the local theatre designing lights for various shows. I am also working on a bachelor’s degree which eats up a substantial amount of my free-time.

First computer: The first computer that I could call my own was a custom built PC with a Celeron 300a processor that I overclocked to 450 mhz…what a screamer!

Why IT matters to me: I think IT matters because it’s what connects us; it’s part of our lives. People have become so used to being connected to information at all times that it’s become important to keep that connection going. I enjoy being a part of what keeps that connection active and alive.

Amy Thompson

Customer Service Representative

How long have you been with Kinetic?
August 2014.

About Amy: I am a busy mom with seven kids.(Ages 18-7) They keep me and my fiancé Brian very busy. There is never a dull moment with a full, loving house like ours. I try to make time for reading and painting. I can also make one heck of a Lego castle or a yummy cake in the Easy Bake oven.

First computer: Acer laptop.

Why IT matters to me: I think it’s very important to know that we take your needs seriously and strive to help you as quickly as possible.

Brian Halbrook

Senior Systems Technician

How long have you been with Kinetic?
Since November 2013.

How long have you been in IT? 10 years.

About Brian: I enjoy a good microbrew on the weekends. I also run a Minecraft server on VM for our family… I prefer Linux.

First computer: Commodore 64.

Why IT matters to me: Let’s be honest here: people break things. I enjoy a good challenge of fixing what was broke.

Brian Taberski

Senior Systems Technician

How long have you been with Kinetic?
Since October 2014.

How long have you been in IT? 11 years.

About Brian: I’m happily married with 3 kids and I love anything electronic. Oh, and I made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.

First computer: Commodore 64.

Why IT matters to me: Any structure needs a solid foundation to stand on, and I like to think of IT as the foundation to many of the clients we help in need.

Dan Radkey

Systems Technician

How long have you been with Kinetic?
Since October 2016.

How long have you been in IT? I worked at an ISP way back in 2000 for about a year. This is my second IT job so I’m the new guy on the block.

About Dan: I have always loved anything to do with electronics, computers, and technology. I remember playing D&D and Kings Quest on my mother’s IBM 80386 when I was a kid. I was instantly hooked. It was so much cooler than playing Atari games. Telling the computer to “run” at the command prompt after loading up ten 5 ¼” floppies just seemed so cool to me. In May of 2016 I graduated IUSB with a BS in Computer Science so I could combine my love for computers and technology with my career. That very same month my wonderful wife and I had our first child, a beautiful girl. I hope to pass my love for computers and technology along to her!

First computer: I built my first computer from scratch. It had an AMD Athlon 500Mhz CPU that I overclocked to a lightning fast 650Mhz!

Why IT matters to me: My whole life I’ve been the type of guy that likes to fix things. I’m the last guy to call a repair man, but I know my limits. If I can fix it I will. IT brings a whole new set of challenges, and in my opinion the greatest rewards when you find a solution that works.

Drew Crouch

Systems Technician

How long have you been with Kinetic?
Since October 2015.

How long have you been in IT? A lifetime of getting computers to function, professionally since 2015.

About Drew: I made it above the tree line at my first attempt to summit Mount Elbert. “I will summit you Mount Elbert, I just need one more night on the mountain and I will join the 14kers Peak Club. I also am a gaming enthusiast, name your game and lets have some fun.

First computer: Apple II GS – I have very fond memories of playing Kings Quest on it.

Why IT matters to me: Technology evolves fast, bringing great innovation and growth potentials to organizations. I enjoy helping people and resolving their problems. I enjoy making sure my clients stay updated and current. It’s a fun and rewarding job.

Jack Hofferth


Jim Peterson

CEO / Principal Consultant

How long have you been with Kinetic?
Since the beginning, 2009.

How long have you been in IT? 19 years.

About Jim: My wife and I have two wonderful kids and we all love to swim, bike, and run. I’m a big fan of 80’s rock music and my favorite vacation spot is the Riviera Maya area of Mexico.

First computer: Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer 64k.

Why IT matters to me: Great technology can help businesses be more effective in delivering services to their clients and can also help provide a work / life balance to their employees.

Kristy Kruggel

Office Manager

How long have you been with Kinetic?
About 1 year

About Kristy: I have been married for 23 years and have 3 children ages 19, 16, and 14. We love to ski/snowboard as a family in the winter and love going to ND football tailgates and then watching the games on our back patio with friends and family during good weather. My husband Kurt and I love to watch our kids play soccer and travel to games almost every weekend during soccer season. And we love to be outside during every season of the year.

First computer: My first computer was a Mac.

Why IT matters to me: I’m just glad I work with IT people so someone is always available if I am having a problem.

Lindsey Downey

Director of Business Development

How long have you been with Kinetic?
Since February 2014.

How long have you been in IT? May 2000

About Lindsey: Ben and I have been happily married since 2006. We have 2 very active and hilarious boys and a sweet girl that keeps life fun, entertaining, and busy. We love spending time with our family and friends at sporting events, concerts, the pool, and the beach. I also enjoy playing soccer in a women’s league on Sunday evenings.

First computer: Hewlett Packard.

Why IT matters to me: After changing my major in college 4 times I finally chose Business Information Technology with a minor in Computer Science because of my mom. After working on a help desk and being the administrator of a cloud solution over 10 years ago I realized how thankful I am that she “pushed” me in this direction. I truly enjoy building relationships with clients of all shapes and sizes and helping them embrace the rapid pace of changing technology. It makes my role with Kinetic ever changing on a daily basis, which I love.

Maury Blair

Senior Systems Technician

How long have you been with Kinetic?
I’ve been with Kinetic IT since April 2015.

How long have you been in IT? I’ve been in IT since 2000, (15 years this year).

About Maury: I am a dad to 6 kids in a blended family. My primary love and devotion is to my family and my faith. I love the outdoors, fishing, hiking, camping, canoeing. I like to participate in obstacle course races, 5 and 10k races. I always enjoy finding new and different ways to challenge myself physically and mentally.

First computer: My first computer was an Epson Equity I+ with dual 5 ¼ floppy drives, green and black monochrome monitor and a matching Epson dot matrix printer.

Why IT matters to me: IT isn’t just a job for me. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else that what I do. The most satisfying part of my day is when I solve a perplexing problem and tell someone that their issue has been resolved.

Neal Wozniak


How long have you been with Kinetic?
3 years.

How long have you been in IT? I’ve spent 18 years working in IT and founding/managing technology-related companies.

About Neal: I am married with two kids, ages 5 and 7. I grew up in Alaska and spent most of my early years in Portland, Oregon. I am a fan of biking, squash and other manly arts.

First computer: The first computer I personally owned was an Apple II compatible machine. Can’t remember the name, but it played Ultima and Elite, which is all I cared about at the time.

Why IT matters to me: IT is an integral part of modern business – it can help a company take off or keep it lagging behind. I am excited about leveraging IT as a driver of business growth. For this reason I see Kinetic as being less about providing technical support and more about providing competitive advantage for the whole business; I see my role as key business consultant for my clients. This is my passion: learning about a business and providing the technological advice and solutions to enhance every aspect of a company.

Ryan Durham

Account Executive

How long have you been with Kinetic?
Since December 7, 2015

How long have you been in IT? Since December 7, 2015, this is my first IT position.

About Ryan: I am a student at Indiana University South Bend and am expected to graduate within the next year. I am studying informatics along with business. I love going to concerts because I love hearing live music of all kinds. I have been a soccer player since I could walk (now retired), so I like to play whenever the opportunity arises.

First computer: A Dell Desktop

Why IT matters to me: Technology has been the driving force behind so many advances in business making it easier to conduct business while increasing profits. Since I am studying technology and business together, I am very enthusiastic about this aspect. Technology will never stop evolving, so neither will business, and neither will we!

Tim Jackson

Senior Systems Engineer

How long have you been with Kinetic?
3 years.

How long have you been in IT? Many decades.

Timothy Batson

Senior System Engineer

How long have you been with Kinetic?
Since March 2015.

How long have you been in IT? Officially, since 2008.

About Timothy: I love spending time with my wonderful son.  I enjoy spending time with family, biking, and tinkering with technology.

First computer: Commodore 64 Personal Computer – Type “run” go make a sandwich, start the laundry, and vacuum the floor.  Come back to watch the last bit of loading.

Why IT matters to me: I’m excited about technology because it can be a wonderful thing when designed and implemented properly. My passion is learning how to fix problems, understand what caused the issue and either prevent it or create an alert for the future.

Timothy Merrill

Senior Systems Technician

How long have you been with Kinetic?
I’ve been with Kinetic for a little over a week.

How long have you been in IT? I’ve worked in the IT field for nearly two and half years.

About Tim: Raised in Southwest Michigan, and obtaining a CIS degree from Lake Michigan College, I have developed an appreciation for the local community. While not busy with technological pursuits, I enjoy a wide range of activities, from reading books and playing games; to sports such as disc golf and skydiving; to staying involved with the community by volunteering for local humanitarian organizations.

First computer: My first computer was an HP running Windows XP that I received for my 13th Birthday.

Why IT matters to me: IT is important to me simply because technology is consistently consuming more of our daily responsibilities and entertainment. Not only do I enjoy being a member of the IT community and culture, but I truly enjoy assisting people, and IT provides a creative outlet for utilizing my skills while assisting others.

Kinetic IT Solutions was founded in 2009 to support our local business community in Michiana. As a locally owned and operated business, we feel strongly that every size business should have the ability to leverage enterprise levels of technology that is geared to fit both the needs of our area businesses and their budgets.

We work with businesses that range in staff size from 2 to 250. Our core mission is to deliver the best technology available to clients in a cost effective manner. We see technology not as just a way to improve productivity and processes, but also a way to reduce overall costs.

Since 2009, Kinetic IT Solutions has grown quickly and continues to expand our client base and staff. We are a group of highly trained and certified Consultants, Engineers and Technicians who are passionate about technology. As we grow, we will always keep our small business focus, 100% guarantee for all solutions,and our drive to keep our client based on our service, not contracts. At Kinetic IT Solutions, you will never have a long term contract to sign. Ever.