2019 IT Trends & New Years Resolutions

We love this time of year! The prospects of a fresh start and being better in the coming 365 days than the last present such an exciting challenge for us and our clients. As we scan technology developments and trends, we have developed three key resolutions that we are committing to in our organization and recommending to our clients. We thought we’d share the love with all our readers as well so that you start 2019 off on the right note!

    Store & Protect your Growing Body of Data
    As you well know, data is the not-so-secret weapon for enterprises to make good decisions about products, services, employees, and strategy. According to some studies, we have created 90% of the world’s data in the last year. With improved processing power thanks to machine learning, we predict that digital leaders investing in AI will be able to better leverage that data. This means that data storage—understanding where to keep data and ensuring that silos don’t create operational gaps—will be crucial. Equally important will be backup tools and strategies to prevent the loss of this increasingly powerful data.

    Accelerate your Cloud Migration Strategy
    On the topic of data storage, more and more businesses are committed to embracing the speed, scalability, and cost savings associated with cloud-based services and storage. Yet, according to SWC Partners’ 2018 Tech Insights survey, 32% of midsize organizations still don’t have plans to migrate mission-critical applications to the cloud. With the race to the cloud coming to a head, accelerating your cloud migration strategy and taking advantage of connected public, private, and hybrid clouds can play a critical role in launching your organization ahead of the competition in 2019.

    Invest in your Security Strategy
    Cyber security is not new, shiny, or particularly glamorous. But it is evolving just as quickly as other technology because new threats are constantly arising. With more than one in four organizations already having experienced a computer network attack, no enterprise can afford to slack in this area anymore. Three particular advancements in security heading into 2019 are hardware authentication, cloud technology, and deep learning. Leveraging innovation in these areas while also attending to the basics (anti-virus, anti-malware, password protection, multi-factor authentication, etc.) will be more important than ever for organizations to protect their data and avoid disaster.

When it comes to resolutions, it can be easy to get distracted by shiny new things. In our experience, what matters most is knowing which innovations to invest in to achieve core business goals like seamless day-to-day operation, first-class data security, operational competitive advantage.

If you need help to achieve this targeted focus as we kick off a new year, let us know! We’re happy to provide an initial consultation to see if we’re the right fit to help you leapfrog the competition.